Foghorn Europe Tour Over Yet Unforgettable!

Foghorn is back in the States after 5 weeks of madness in Europe! First stop on the tour was the Shetland Folk Festival. After landing in Aberdeen, we found out the upright bass had a cracked neck… but thanks to fantastic Shetland luthier Ewen Thomson, the bass was as good as ever for the rest of the tour. The 15 hour ferry ride to Sheltland was filled with music and meeting up with old friends and making new friends. The festival was amazing, the bands great and the festival committee awesome!

Photo by Lieve Boussauw

After suffering from serious Shetlag, we picked up a van in Aberdeen and drove to Newcastle where we got on an overnight ferry to Amsterdam. ¬†Although our stop was very short, we managed to play all afternoon outside the Cafe t’Monumentje, where we also played all night.

Next on the schedule was a week in Denmark. The first venue was way up north in a venue called Halkaer Kro in Nibe. Opening for Foghorn was the great band Basco. Then we went to Aarhus and played the Gyngen Bar and shared the stage with No Arms and Legs. The next morning, we got to busk in the Aarhus streets on a gorgeous sunny day!

We then made our way to the Wintercoat Brewery in Sabro and played a fun acoustic show in the packed brewery. We were surprised to see the name of the tasty beer they were pouring: Foghorn Ale!!! We drank it all! Hope they make more!

We then played in the Tonder School. Nothing like the sight of 500 students dancing to Lost Girl!!

We made our way to Copenhagen and played Woodstock in funky Christiania in the afternoon and Bloomsday at night.

We continued our Danish journey to the Con Amore Vinimport in Hinnerup, where we got to drink amazing wines! Then in Odense, we played a really nice club. We headed back to Copenhagen and played the famous Loppen in Christiania where we shared the stage with Lukas Graham and the Haunted Brothers, fun night! After our first day off, we headed to Deerlicke, Belgium and played a lovely house concert. Ferry from France to England the next day and played a 2 great gigs in London, Stags Head and Passing Clouds. Thanks to Joe at Magpie’s Nest for organizing the gigs and place to stay!

We headed south and the next day played the beautiful pub The Snowdrop Inn, followed by Aldershot’s Garden Gate. We also played Stroud at the great Prince Albert Pub and a 40th birthday party. After spending a couple days with friends near Edinburgh, we drove to Aberdeen and played the Blue Lamp, awesome night. Thanks Andrew!


Last but not least, we finished our tour at the great Orkney Folk Festival! Wonderful settings, great friends and awesome festival. Highlight of the weekend: 20 people crawling trough a tiny window, including the upright bass, to get inside a locked house for a party! What did the owner of the flat say when he walked and realized we were all in his house: Anyone need a drink? Brillliant! Cheers Peter!

Thanks to everyone for making our trip so amazing! We can’t wait to be back on the other side of the big pond! Until then, take care and keep in touch! Special thanks to Eugene Graham, for making this trip possible and all his family, Eva, Ella, Nieve and Lukas for all their hospitality!

In London with Eugene and Ella