Honky-Tonk-Cajun Recordings

Some of you may have heard of, or been to,  a few sessions we have had with the great Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy.  After playing a few shows together over the past year we have decided to get in the studio and make an album to celebrate the collaboration.  This week, before the Black Pot Festival, we are camped out at Joel’s house, in Eunice, Louisiana for a few days of recording and eating in the good ol’ southern humidity.  Yes it is hot, but we think it makes the music better.  Maybe it’s just the slow speed at which things happen down here that adds to the casual and relaxed feel in the studio.  We spent the first bit of recording ripping through some of Jesse’s classic renditions of cajun standards.  He’s the one take wonder.  We recorded live and busted out five tracks in the first three hours.  Paul Brainard on steel, Ned Folkerth on drums, Sammy Lind on guitar, Nadine Landry on bass and vocals, Joel Savoy on fiddle, Jesse Lége on accordion and vocals and Caleb Klauder on triangle, some guitar, and vocals.  We are doing a few french/english crossover songs to try and highlight the cajun and country connection. Photos and more to follow!!