Caleb Klauder & Reeb Wilms – Oh Do You Remember



Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms’ new album, Oh Do You Remember, is definitely vocally driven, with tight harmonies delivered via a hand-picked selection of some of their favorite country and old time duets. Reeb Willms and Caleb Klauder are a dynamic duo that have been playing and singing together since 2008 when they met at the National Old Time Fiddlers Gathering in Weiser, ID. Both Caleb and Reeb were raised in Washington State and have been active and respected in the
vibrant and nationally known northwest old time music scene. Reeb is a founding member of the Bellingham, WA bands The Shadies, and the Country Messengers. Caleb is a founding member of the well known Foghorn Stringband, and both Reeb and Caleb tour as full-time Foghorn members. Caleb plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and sings his own original country
songs in the Caleb Klauder Country Band. Reeb plays guitar and they both enjoy singing from a traditional country music repertoire.
Reeb was raised in Waterville, Washington by a family of wheat farmers. She grew up listening to her father and uncles singing country and traditional songs as the Willms Brothers, a local group that still gets together now and then at small events and family gatherings. Reeb began singing and playing guitar in her early twenties and quickly displayed a strong vocal style that is clearly her own. She is a respected and well-loved singer by all who hear her. Her love for old time fiddle tunes and old country songs roots her in a classic American musical style. Caleb grew up on Orcas Island Washington and began playing and singing at the early age of twelve. He moved to Oregon in 2002 and has contributed to a number of influential and successful groups, namely: The Foghorn Stringband, Pig Iron, Calobo, and his own honky tonk band, the Caleb Klauder Country Band. His unique, powerful voice has captured many a heart. His recent collaboration with Jesse Lége, Joel Savoy and the Cajun Country Revival, is a combination of Caleb’s honky-tonk country band and legendary Cajun musicians Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy. Caleb also tours as a member of the Dirk Powell Band.
With wonderful harmonies, strong mandolin, and solid guitar playing, Caleb and Reeb deliver a pure and classic sound that makes you want to cry out in joy and tears both at the same time. One listener says, “You two are like the sun, radiating warmth and joy straight into my body!”
“You can make an honest case that Caleb Klauder is the greatest undiscovered country music talent in the world, held back simply by his own humility. Reeb Willms voice is so powerful, yet is delivered so dry, devoid of bravado embellishments or kitschy inflections that mire so many vocal performances these days. Her projection has that awesome characteristic of rising in volume as it climbs the register, and evokes ghosts of the more Stoic era that the music comes from in her tone.” – Triggerman,