Foghorn Trio California Tour

Wow, The Foghorn Trio just had an amazing trip down the California coast.  We stopped a long the way and met some amazing new friends and caught up with some old ones.  Like the old song I sang as a kid; Make new friends and keep the old one, is silver and the other is gold.  Its so true!   We stopped off in Ashland Or,  Redwood City CA, Seaside,  Los Osos, Goleta and Los Angeles.  Some of these shows had energy that doesn’t come around very often.  In the same show I can remember seeing tears, smiles, dancing,  closed eyes and hearing shouts of joy and excitement pretty much all at the same time. There must have been something in the air to allow for such a diverse emotional flood.  It is wonderful to connect with the audience like that it make s the whole music experience more alive and I think we need more of that kind of energy in this life.

Thank you all for your support.  We love meeting you all and spending time with you!