Bluesbunny Reviews Sud de la Lousiane

Bluesbunny gave the new Foghorn Trio record three carrots out of five. Check it out:

Now this is a seriously polite and downright reverential album. The Foghorn Trio – a cut down version of the Foghorn String Band, it would seem – take fourteen songs, both self penned and a substantial number of traditional favourites and make with the kind of immaculately played fiddle driven old timey country music that will bring joy to the hearts of urban countryphiles everywhere.

The Foghorn Trio are made up of Caleb Klauder, Stephen Lind and Nadine (now there’s a country name…) Landry and they laconically two step their way through well kent songs like “I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel” and the splendidly heart tugging  “Hello Central” with surefootedness and commendable musical skill. As I fought back the urge to wear dungarees and a check shirt, it came to me that this was the kind of music that I used to listen to on those Mamou Cajun Radio LPs way back in the days when music was round and black.

Whilst not breaking any new ground, the affection that the Foghorn Trio clearly hold for this type of music stops them from falling in the always waiting traps of pastiche and parody. Traditionalists should lap this album right up.    —Bluesbunny, April 2011