Cajun Country Revival takes Juneau Alaska by Storm.  Starting mid day on Thursday April 14th an influx of Southern Cajun and NW Country musicians will be flooding the ports of SE Alaska. No one seems to know how many exactly are expected to arrive andwhat they intend to do but one thing is for sure,  Juneau has definitely been through this before.  This is predicted to be the largest and most exciting influx from the lower 48 in the last 100 days, quite possibly the last 365 days. It is said that the town will be inundated by late Thursday night and that most folks are preparing for the event by taking time off work, stocking up on beer and wine, and tuning their instruments.  One civilian was quoted as saying “Alaskans are strong and we can handle just about anything the lower states throw our way, this is exciting”.  Another was quoted as saying ” we are so  *@#*ing lucky”.  While most Alaskans are not fully aware of the impact this storm will have,  reporters say there is an abnormally strong buzz in the air about the forthcoming events and there seems to be very little concern as to what (if any) the repercussions will be. In about  120 hours the Revival is said to begin dispersing and only then can Juneau expect to get things running back on a normal schedule.

Reporting live from Portland Oregon.  Follow the events as they unfold in Juneau over the following weekend.  (maybe)