Lonesome Highway reviews Sud de la Louisiane

Check out what Lonesome Highway, a “music portal for hard core country, folk, bluegrass, roots, and Americana” had to say about the new Foghorn Trio album:

Their website tells us that they play “ass kickin’ redneck stringband music” and that’s a pretty good description of the music this trio play. It’s accomplished, lively and lived-in. A mix of original and songs from The Carter Family, Kitty Wells and Doc Watson amongst others all sung with a passion that takes it beyond the notion of mere pastiche. It draws from a deep well but comes out fresh due to the fact that the trio of Caleb Kaulder, Stephen Lind and Nadine Landry have an obvious love for and skill in playing this essential raw and stripped down music. There are a mix of instrumentals and songs that feature the vocals of all three, who between them play some 8 instruments. The title cut has an obvious cajun swing feel with Landry taking the lead on the fiddle let song sung in French. Kitty Wells’ I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel comes through a time tunnel that could have seen it recorded decades ago, again Landry takes the lead vocal on this tale of loving the right/wrong man. Kaulder’s two originals fit beside the outside material easily. His mandolin instrumental Puttin’ Up The Wood is fast and shows the bands playing skills. There may be nothing here that those with a strong affinity with stringband music haven’t heard before but equally there’s little to complain about with such a sense of commitment on display. These songs speak down the ages and address issues that are as timeless as the music even if outside of specialist venues or radio programmes you unlikely to come across The Foghorn Trio unless your seeking it. If authentic sounding stringband music, likely filtered trough a punk rock background at some point, is something you enjoy then you can check them out at foghornstringband.com and listen yourselves.     —-Lonesome Highway, April 17, 2011