Foghorn on both sides of the Globe

Well, Happy Holidays friends!

Sammy and Nadine are still down under on their epic tour of Australia.  I have hear a few stories and it sounds like they are getting the full tour of the country heading out to far off places and making wonderful friends.  I assure you they are still alive and well.  I’m not sure but they might have adopted a baby kangaroo! 😮 I saw a picture os Sammy cuddling a joey (baby kangaroo) wrapped in a blanket.

Reeb and Caleb have just returned home from the Bluegrass Jamboree tour in Germany.  It was a winter wonderland for sure over there.  .  We traveled by bus with two other bands and the organizers.  We played 18 show in 19 days.  it was a whirlwind but it was amazing and the crowds were amazing.  We even went to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich!Thats Caleb and PJ George from Bearfoot.  Ah Hofbrau Dunkle!! (Dark Beer)

X-Man came along as well.  The food was great and the Christmas markets had  Gluwein!!
Its good to be back in the good ‘ol U.S of A. though.  Just in time for the holidays.

Don’t forget about our two newest Albums of 2012.  They make great christmas presents!!!

Foghorn Stringband, Outshine the Sun

Reeb Willms Caleb Klauder, Oh Do You Remember

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Thank you for all of your fabulous support, we appreciate all that you share with us. Happy Holidays