Our year so far has been great! We tour the Pacific Northwest in January and February and just came back from an amazing two weeks in the Northeast! We gorged ourselves on Maine lobster, enjoyed a maple creemee in Vermont, visited friends we made during the Christmas Celtic Sojourn back in December, drove on beautiful rural roads in upstate New York, jammed with a slew of great musicians, managed to get good sleep and nice morning walks and played concerts or dances every night for 15 nights and truly had a blast!

We also managed to squeeze in the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau! The original line up of Foghorn played there for the first time in 2003, and has tried to come back as often as possible! This was the first time this current line up performed at it and it was amazing! Three nights in bars playing for four hours to a packed dance floor is quite the experience!

In just a few weeks we’ll be heading to Ireland, Scotland and England for three week tour! We are so excited to be performing in that part of the world! Here are our tour dates!

See you there and tell your friends!