Boombox Squaredance



All these tunes are from the same recording sessions that went into Reap What You Sow, our second recording done in March 2004. Imagine a sow that has a huge litter, uncontrollable, little blind mute piglets all over the floor. Each one is special, yes, but we just didn’t have space for them all, so we pickled a bunch and now we’re cracking the jars open. I know food metaphors are cliche in old-time music, and so are pigs, but this recording is old-school that way. It’s fiddle tunes done around one microphone with a homemade package & hand-drawn cover. It should be on a cassette. Alan Garren engineered the recording, and can be contacted through his web site: The Reverend P.T. Grover did the artwork for the cover. Stumptown Printers did the letterpress printing,