The Trio

The Foghorn Trio

Formed from the core of the internationally renowned Foghorn Stringband,
new ensemble The Foghorn Trio brings together two young masters of Southern
old-time music, Stephen ‘Sammy’ Lind and Caleb Klauder, and adds Nadine Landry, a French Acadian with a beautiful voice. Foghorn has always had a certain X Factor: a type of twang specific to their music. This twang comes from the hard-driving mandolin picking and the dry, dusty voice of Caleb Klauder, and the blazing fiddling and rough-and-tumble singing of Sammy Lind. With the addition of Nadine Landry on vocals, bass and guitar, Caleb and Sammy have become the Foghorn Trio, and a new sound is born.

On their debut CD, Sud de la Louisiane, The Foghorn Trio draw from the same
repertoire that has always inspired their work: the tunes and songs of the American South, from the hollers of Appalachia to the bling of 1950s Nashville. This time they voyage as far South as Louisiana, adding “Le Sud de la Louisiane (Southern Louisiana)” as sung in Cajun French by Nadine. Caleb Klauder also contributes a brand-new roots country song “Just A Little”, a treat for those who are fans of his new solo album Western Country. Each member of The Foghorn Trio is a multi-instrumentalist, with Sammy Lind adding guitar and banjo to his fiddling, and Caleb Klauder adding fiddle and guitar to his mandolin stylings. And of course, the album features the same great mix of early country songs (“I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel” by Kitty Wells), hillbilly favorites (“Hello Central” from The Carter Family) and wonderfully rare old-time tunes (“Nuts and Bolts” from Odie Griffith) that makes each album from the Foghorn folks so compelling. Recorded by Cajun fiddler Joel Savoy of Valcour Records in his Louisiana studio, this album has soaked up the flavors of the Deep South, and you can almost feel the sleepless, humid nights and hear the buzz of cicadas in the music. It’s a whole new world today for folk musicians, and with the new CD from The Foghorn Trio, these three traditionalists prove that they’re still riding on the cutting edge, with one foot in the analog past and one foot in the digital future.

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